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I began working with Hasbro as a contracted game designer on the Attacktix line, beginning with the first Marvel set.  Here is a little more information about the game…

What is Attacktix?

The Attacktix Battle Figure Game is a unique collectible action figure game by Hasbro that uses real attack moves in a tactical miniatures style game.  Instead of using the roll of the dice or the flip of a card to resolve attacks, Attacktix figures use spring loaded lightsaber slashes and plastic laser cannons to knock their enemies over, and sometimes even off the table.  In addition to their weapons, each figure has a circular base that provides stability on defense, automatically counts movement using a ‘Tix wheel, and displays their Special Power that activates when they are defeated.

How do you play?

All you need is a team and a table.  (And an opponent of course.)  The average size of an Attacktix Squad is 100 points.  Each figure has a point cost clearly labeled on the front of their base, along with their name, Attacktix Class (like Warrior or Trooper) and Universe Class (like Jedi or Decepticon).  Choose a Squad of 100 points worth of figures, add up to 50 points worth of Back-Ups, and you are ready to go.  Any flat surface makes an ideal playing field, whether it be a table or counter-top.  The turn order is easy to remember; first, move all of your figures, then attack with two of them.  Each figure has a speed number on top of it’s base…that’s how many ‘Tix they can move each turn.  Just move the figure along the table, you’ll hear each ‘Tix as it clicks by on their base.  Striker figures move about twice as fast as launcher figures, but launcher figures have greater range.  Strikers might use a lightsaber swing or a spear stab, launcher figures might shoot laser beams or throw projectiles.  Special Powers come into play when a figure is defeated…the ‘Tix wheel which measures off movement also randomizes the Attacktix window…if it shows black, there is no effect.  If it shows white, follow the directions for the special power on the figures base.

How do I win the game?

This one is easy…last one standing wins!  The goal of the game is to knock down every opposing figure.  With squads ranging from 3 to 10 figures, games tend to move fast, an average game should take about ten to twenty minutes.  The game can also be adapted to scenarios, such as capture the flag, and can accomodate large squad builds, up to 1000 points or more.

So what figures do I have to choose from?

Attacktix has over 200 figures to choose from, including figures from the Star Wars, Transformers, and Marvel Comics universes.  The ultimate battle between Darth Vader, Optimus Prime and Spider-Man is here!  You can learn more about each line below…

Star Wars Logo

Star Wars Attacktix premiered just prior to the opening of Episode III.  Since that time, there have been several Star Wars Attacktix releases.  Series 1 focused solely on Episode III characters, bringing us the now familiar Clone Troopers, Jedi and Droid Army figures.  Series 2 broadened the scope of the game by giving us our first look at Luke, Leia, and the crew from the Original Trilogy.  Darth Maul also makes an appearance, but the bulk of the rest of the set continues to flesh out the Episode III cast.  Series 3 switched gears, focusing solely on the Original Trilogy, particularly on A New Hope.  Series 4 is part of the Intergalactic Showdown, and is largely based on Return of the Jedi, introducing Ewoks and Endor based versions of many of the main characters.  All in all, there are over 125 different Star Wars figures in the Attacktix game.

Transformers Logo

The Transformers joined the Attackitx world as part of the Intergalactic Showdown.  With over 25 figures in the initial Series, the Transformers are well on their way to Attacktix domination.  With a focus more on launchers than strikers in the intial set, Optimus Prime leads the way with the most massive projectile in the game.  The signature special power of the line is the new “Transform”, allowing defeated figures to be replaced with their alt versions from your backups.  The Series 2 starter set featured G1 versions of both Optimus Prime and Megatron, making it a must have for many Transformers collectors.

Finally, the Marvel Universe joined the fray.  This was the first set I had the honor of helping bring to life…as noted elsewhere, I was the game designer for this set.  Not only does Marvel Attacktix add Spider-Man and the X-Men to the mix, but it also adds a host of new special powers and effects to the game.  Marvel Attacktix featured two movie tie-in series, one for Spider-Man 3 and another for Ghost Rider.

And finally…

Isn’t this a kid’s game?

Of course it is.  It’s designed for kids ages 6 and up, though I think even slightly younger children could pick up the basics.  However, don’t confuse simplicity with lack of depth…squad building is an art unto itself, and mastering the various attack types takes time and patience.  Plus, there are few other games that deliver the visceral thrill of being able to blow your opponents team off the table, literally!



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