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One Week ’til GenCon July 29, 2010

Posted by webofwebhead in About This Blog, CCG, CMG, Conventions, Magic the Gathering.

A week from now I’ll be in the gaming nirvana of GenCon, basking in the neon glow of the vendor booths and giant sized Magic cards.  I’ll be in Indy Wednesday night to kick things off at The Diana Jones Award ceremony, and then hitting the con proper (maybe not so) bright and (maybe not so) early Wednesday morning.

This year is interesting, the traditional sponsors of the past few years have largely been shaken up, specifically with WizKids/NECA still not back to full strength and the possible demise of UDE as a gaming powerhouse.  Wizards of the Coast will be shouldering much of the burden, but they don’t appear to have a strong “big thing” new this year for the con, though M11 is fresh and doing well, and their “From the Vaults” item is sure to sell well.

I’m not sure WHAT the next big thing is this year…there is no Arcane Legions or Mutant Chronicles or Dreamblade or Yu-Gi-Oh type product that I am well aware of going in that is meant to make a big splash.  Fantasy Flight Games seems to have some contenders this year in any case, they have been promoting heavily, and have a generally very nice looking product line across the board.

So…best in show is likely to be wide open and I look forward to getting to talk all about it.  My intent is to feed twitter my minute to minute pics and news, and then write all about it proper the following week…so stay tuned.



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