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WizKids Official Website Back Up, HCRealms Revamping October 12, 2009

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HeroClix_LogoThe WizKids Games official website is now back up and running with a bare bones promotional front page.  There is no indication as of yet as to how fully fleshed out the site will eventually be.  The site does point back to NECA’s main page (though surprisingly the NECA main page does not point to the new WizKids site.)

I’m of the firm opinion that collectible games and websites go hand in glove, so I hope that NECA will continue to push and develop a broad web presence for WizKids games.  It is encouraging that they are leveraging nunet social sites like Facebook already.

HCRealms also appears to be restructuring ever so slightly in anticipation of renewed interest in the HeroClix game.  The site owner has an open thread for site suggestions, worth checking out if you think you might have a good idea for the site.  (I recommended a more mobile friendly site.)

Finally, I have to say that it’s going to be hard to resist going all out for the upcoming Hammer of Thor set.  I was recently going back through my comics, and I can’t help but notice that Thor has been one of my perennial favorites, though I can’t say I was ever overtly conscious of that.  But I have many back issues of the various books, and I’m deeply following the current stories as well.  Can’t wait to see what the set brings.



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