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Zendikar Yields Real Treasure: Vintage Cards Randomly Inserted September 25, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in CCG, Magic the Gathering.
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Magic_LogoAs if we needed another reason to get excited about Magic’s newest set, word came in late last night via the twitterverse and sites like mtgsalvation that Zendikar packs contained random inserts of Vintage cards like the original Dual Lands.  Not reprints…the acutal 15+ year old cards likely hand added to the print run.  This is an incredible move really and quite unexpected, I’m not sure what is more surprising…that WotC is doing this in the first place, or that they managed to keep it a secret until basically the pre-release.

Apparently there are approximately 90 different cards in the mix, and supposedly the “power nine” could be in the mix (or maybe are in the mix…rumor has it an original Unlimited Mox has already been pulled)…but true distribution numbers are still up in the air.  The current theory/conventional wisdom points to 1 pack in 20 boxes, but that seems too low considering the number that have already surfaced PRIOR to the actual pre-release, but I’m sure the Magic community group think will come up with better numbers by Monday when I’m sure there will be some sort of public article about the whole deal.

So…here is to pulling Moxes this weekend at the pre-release.  I’ll be live Tweeting my event tomorrow night, you can follow me on webofwebhead on twitter.  If I pull big, you’ll be sure to hear about it. – B



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