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Magic: M10 Online Outsells 10th Edition in 2 Months September 2, 2009

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Magic_LogoThis little tidbit was floating around the #Magic Twitter-verse this morning, but I thought it warranted comment.  Though Magic packs for Magic the Gathering Online are of course virtual, they do have a distinct sales window.  Magic 10th edition was on sale for two years, from when it replaced 9th until it was replaced by M10 two months ago.

In the two months since it’s online release, M10 has already outsold Magic 10th edition.  To think of it another way, virtual M10 has outsold 10th more than 12 to 1 already.  M10 will never “sell out” virtually, however, this news combined with the rolling sell outs of real cards at brick and mortar stores seems to indicate that M10 has sold very, VERY well.

Having attended the pre-release for M10 and playing and collecting it quite a bit since,  I can say that I’m not surprised, the set does feel like Magic used to in the old days (like 15 years ago when I started playing).  That old Magic feel is back…and this bodes well for future core set releases.



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