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Mickey now Spidey’s boss: Disney buys Marvel for $4b August 31, 2009

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Marvel_LogoSaw the head’s up about this on Twitter (thanks Matt!),  Disney is buying Marvel today, headlines throwing around a 4 billion with a “b” price tag.

This seems to have a lot of implications primarily regarding movies…seeing as how that is where Marvel looks to be making the most money going forward.  Let us not forget that Disney also owns it’s own big three network (ABC) as well, and let us also not forget that Time Warner owns DC, which puts these two mega companies even more at odds in a sense.

I also wonder if all Disney comics rights will be moved to Marvel…it seems like they must once existing contracts expire at least.  Toy rights, game rights?  Who knows.  This is big news for sure.

Let’s see…Fantasy Flight makes the Disney Kingdom Hearts game, but UDE makes Marvel games…and Hasbro makes Marvel toys (and games), and maybe it won’t matter.  Again…movies and tv shows…that’s where I can see the most movement on this.  And of course the theme parks…Universal Studios can’t be super happy about this…at the very least they will be paying licensing royalties to what I have to be sure is a competitor theme park.

UPDATE: Marvel posts official Press Release

UPDATE: Deadline Hollywood Daily has some interesting reporting on this, and focuses on the fact that this was actually kept under everyone’s hats until the appropriate time today.  I mean, I was able to post it here before I saw it at any of the usual outlets (icv2 etc.) and I never think of this as breaking news.



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