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The Beatles:Rock Band -> 3 Part Harmonies = 3 Mics August 28, 2009

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Rock_Band_logoRock Band as a game is perfectly suited for someone like me…I thoroughly enjoy music like most people seem to, but I have no aptitude when it comes to the playing of said music.  I tried band for both years of junior high (baritone sax), and never once did I learn to read sheet music.  But I love video games too, and so the convergence of said loves is the proverbial marriage made in heaven…I daresay Rock Band in it’s various forms may well be my favorite video game.  Ever.

My role is often that of singer…mostly because others tend to shy away from it, and also because I know most of the words I guess.  Now this is not breaking news, but if you’ve only been casually following the news about the game, you might also have missed it like I did, The Beatles: Rock Band will support three part harmonies while singing.  And so as you might expect, the game supports up to three microphones…which really is just quite cool.  The last time we all played the game, that comment came up the most often…”I wish there were more mics”.  Now there will be.

If you haven’t already, check out the official website for the game, there are some gameplay previews and relevant gameplay info, and I’d also recommend the forums which have a more extensive selection of frequently asked questions.



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