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Pokemon TCG Reigns Over Collectible Market per ICv2 August 27, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in CCG, CMG, HeroClix, Magic the Gathering.

Pokemon_LogoICv2 reports today on the performance of games in the market for the second quarter of 2009.  Pokemon is the overall leader in the collectible category, with a first place finish in mass market sales and an eighth place finish in the hobby store channel.

Even without hard numbers, this gives us some insight into the relative strengths of the mass market versus traditional game and hobby stores…especially vis a vis Magic which is the number one hobby game, but falls to third overall.  (Yu-Gi-Oh! holds the second spot across the board.)  That Pokemon is near the bottom of the list at hobby but maintains first overall thanks to mass market is telling.  In reality…it seems that Magic is sort of the odd man out at mass market, with all four other top games being manga/anime/japanimation based ccgs.

There also appears to be a big drop off after the first three places, as 4 and 5 in the mass market don’t make the overall top five list.  Also interesting is the Epic TCG which comes in at 10th on the hobby list…a game I’m fairly certain is largely on the fringe still, based on the lack of singles being sold at GenCon.  Of course, it’s also a newer game, so we will see if it has staying power.

Finally of note, HeroClix, despite  being without new product for going on almost a year now, snagged the fifth spot on the hobby game list…and keep in mind Q2 means that the NECA rumors wouldn’t have hit yet.  It will be interesting to see how the game rebounds once product starts rolling out again.



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