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Magic Players to face Day of Judgment in Zendikar August 21, 2009

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Magic_LogoSome of the biggest hype around Magic 2010 centered on the loss of core set staple “Wrath of God”.  Originally appearing in Alpha, it had been in every core set since, destroying all creatures in play with no hope of regeneration for only four mana.

And as we found out today, that sort of mass destruction is on the horizon again with the forthcoming Zendikar set.  A new card was previewed today as part of the “buy it by the booster box” promotion that brick and mortar stores can take advantage of.  For M10 it was White power card “Honor of the Pure” (itself a new version of a classic Alpha card “Crusade”), for Zendikar it will be new White power card “Day of Judgment”.

For the same cost as the original Wrath, you get the same level of creature destruction with “Day of Judgment”, without the clause preventing Regeneration.  Interestingly, this card taken into account with new “Terror” variant “Doom Blade” makes Regeneration a potential top shelf power again.  Time will tell what the new environment will yield.



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