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GenCon ’09: Artist Wayne Reynolds August 21, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in CCG, Conventions, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft.

Magic_LogoMany ‘cons have a guest artist or two, and it always seems to add a little gravitas to the event, a reminder of the fine arts from which so many gamers imagination springs.  GenCon boasts a full artist alley with rows and rows of artists displaying their wares, selling original art, prints, sketches, proofs, and of course signing cards and other gaming gear.

One artist in particular has caught my eye this past year, Wayne Reynolds.


Ajani Vengeant banner, Wizards of the Coast

Mr. Reynolds creates fantasy paintings for Magic cards and D&D materials, as well as World of Warcraft TCG cards and WoW Minis booster art.  His iconic Ajani Vengeant Planeswalker art as shown above was used by Wizards on a banner promoting their “life sized” Magic games.  (In the background you can see a Magic playmat large enough to play battle ball on.)  I have a favorite Magic deck currently that draws extensively from the latest sets, and I realized that nearly half of the deck was illustrated by one artist, one Mr. Wayne Reynolds.  I set out to procure an autograph or two from the man himself.

I haven’t pursued card signatures in some time…probably not since the mid-nineties when I first started going to conventions, so I was a little unsure of the etiquette involved.  I decided to ask for both a copy of the above card AND an Ultra Pro deck box featuring the same signed.  Sunday afternoon just before leaving I hunted down his booth in the alley.  In front of me was another Magic fan…who appeared to have the same sort of deck as I did…and there was Mr. Reynolds signing every card for him, easily 25 -30 cards.  I presented my deck box and card, which the artist gladly signed.  I thanked him and we shook hands, and that was that, a very nice “shine” added to my Magic collection.

I have to imagine it is very gratifying to meet fans of your work in such circumstances, and I highly recommend the next time you attend a con, take some time to visit the artists alley.  Sketches and prints can often be obtained for the cost of a single rare card, and original artwork, while costing much more, can be observed first hand.

Mr. Reynolds has a website that has both galleries and some biography information, it can be found HERE.



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