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Fantasy Flight Games Acquires Tannhauser IP August 21, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in Hybrid Game.

Fantasy_Flight_Logo“But wait,” you might say, “doesn’t Fantasy Flight already make Tannhauser?”

Well yes they do, but the game was originally produced by a French company called Take On You…what Fantasy Flight has done previously is produced the English language version of the game for sale here in the states.  Apparently now they have purchased the entire Intellectual Property, giving them free reign to create new expansions to the game as they see fit.

For the uninitiated, Tannhauser is a hybrid minis/board game that is best classified as “expandable”.  The box set comes with everything you need for two players to play.  Additionally, there have been a number of single figure expansions that have been released, as well as a follow up called Operation Novogord.  The setting for the game is a time period around World War II, except that World War I never ended and mystical elements are in play for both sides.  The most interesting aspect to me beyond the expandable nature would be the pathfinder map system…each spot on the map that a figure can occupy is marked with a colored circle…each circle with a matching color is in range and within line of sight for each other circle of the same color.  This slightly more organic system removes a lot of the line of sight questions you find in other games.  It’s also worth mentioning this games figures are gorgeous and are close in scale to HeroClix/HorroClix/HeroScape/D&D Minis/Star Wars Minis etc.

You can read the full presser HERE.



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