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GenCon ’09: Campaign Coins August 18, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in Gaming Accessories.

Campaign_Coins_LogoWhere would any decent gamer be without his or her high end gaming accessories?

I splurged again this year at the Campaign Coins booth.  Campaign Coins are produced by a small company out of Austrailia, and they offer a very nice and succinct product line of stylized fantasy coins.  I invite you to see them all here on their online catalog.  I prefer the Gold line myself, and I purchased a number of the coins in that line both last year and this year.  In addition to the 1, 10, 100, and 1000 denominations found on the website, I was also able to pick up some 2’s and 5’s that have unique shapes, pictures forthcoming.

Certainly, these coins are most suited for any sort of roleplaying game that uses fantasy currency.  The coins are metal and feel like real coins for all intents and purposes.  The designs on all of the coins are unique, flavorful, and not too specific, making them very useful for a number of games.  Personally, I use them predominantly as counters for card games.  They would also make great action tokens (especially the smaller denominations that are slightly smaller coins) for games like HeroClix.  The coins are roughly 60 cents each online, plus shipping.  At the con, I was able to pick them up for 50 cents each.  Highly recommended!



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