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GenCon ’09: Dungeons & Dragons HeroScape August 17, 2009

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This one was a big surprise to me, and maybe it shouldn’t have.

HeroScape is my favorite gaming terrain system (and the game itself  is a lot of fun as well), but what I mean is, those lego-like interlocking tiles are genius, and make a great addition to a huge number of minis games.  I’ve played a lot of Marvel HeroScape, so I know well  that they were willing to do licensed versions of the game.

HeroScape_LogoWell along has come HeroScape Dungeons & Dragons.  Now…please note well that this is listed as starter 3…with one being the Valkyrie and the second being the Marro…but the Marvel starter wasn’t counted in that number.  Is this a hint that D&D is going to be a part of HeroScape proper in some way?  Hard to say.  Figs look great, and new mountain terrain will be a great addition to the game…

HeroScape Starter 3, Dungeons & Dragons

HeroScape Starter 3, Dungeons & Dragons




For more information and speculation on this set, I’d recommend surfing over to ther HeroScapers fansite.



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