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GenCon Bound Again August 6, 2009

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I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that for the first time in many years I wasn’t going to make it to either of the big gaming conventions in my neck of the woods.  For a long time Origins down in Columbus felt like my “home turf”, only a couple hours away, it could be done as a day trip, though we usually made a weekend of it.  Likewise of late with GenCon, Indy is only about a three hour drive as well, and though we’ve also done it as a day trip, it’s much nicer to spend the weekend.  But time and schedules didn’t seem to lend themselves well to attending either this year.

As these things sometimes do though, the clouds parted so to speak this week, and we were able to make a nice plan for an overnight stay in the Indy area to both catch a full day at GenCon and attend a concert my wife REALLY wants to see at the State Fair.  (Keith Urban, for those that care.)

I’m excited to get that general GenCon buzz again this year.  I plan on taking a lot of pictures for the benefit of those of you that drop by here from time to time.  I really look forward to getting my hands on some Arcane Legions, just to see how it lives up to the hype.  I want to try my hand at the new Marvel card game from UDE.  I want to get any sort of scoop I can on the HeroClix/WizKids/NECA news.  And of course I expect to pick up a lot of Magic singles to round out some decks I’ve been working on.

But mostly I look forward to seeing all of my hobby gaming friends that I only usually have the chance to catch up with once a year.  If you will be attending on Saturday as well, drop me a comment here and please say hi if you see me in the crowd.



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