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No hard news, but NECA/WizKids to be at GenCon August 4, 2009

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NECA_LogoNECA has updated their site with a recap of SDCC, and though they did mention the HeroClix Thor promo piece by name, no other WizKids news was forthcoming.  Lots of word of mouth over on HCRealms discussing the news (and lack thereof).  Signs point to NECA taking over the WizKids brand, and so far the focus appears to be on HeroClix and derivatives thereof.  NECA has made a name for itself largely through it’s interpretation in toy and collectible form of numerous genre movie franchises, and it’s not unreasonable to speculate that they would try to marry that to a ‘clix engine game going forward, assuming all of this goes as sort of expected.

Now, smart money would say that if an official word is going to be forthcoming, and they’ve been mum so far, they might wait for a special gaming event, like say GenCon, to make such an announcement.  A check of the vendor list on the GenCon site does verify that there is a NECA/WizKids booth.  Now…for those of you that were at GenCon last year, WizKids went all out…they had four actors in various Marvel Heroes costumes, as well as a room sized board for playing oversized Star Wars pocket models.  (I believe that WizKids was also a sponsor of the event.)  I would not expect that this year…NECA/WizKids has, according to the GenCon floor map, only a single standard booth.  This gives them a prescence at the event, which is important, but it will also be a glaring difference from last year.



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