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Worldwake Announced…Designers and Developers Recognized August 3, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in CCG, Magic the Gathering.
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Magic_LogoWizards announced their winter 2010 set today, Worldwake, which will follow Zendikar as the second set in the block.

We know very little about this setting so far, there has  been a lot of speculation, but little concrete info.  Promo art seems to indicate a return of the red planeswalker (staying mon-red I’m guessing) and a continuation of the Vampire “tribe” that gained a resurgence in M10.  I’d be happy to see both of those things pan out.

I will point out that Wizards does two things really well with announcements like this; the first is that they assure all of their fans that the trains are still running on time so to speak…that their very regular release schedule is still on track.  But more importantly, they recognize the hard work done by their design and development staff by naming them all in the information release.  Much like film studios recognizing the producers and directors of upcoming films, Magic does the same with their designers and developers.  Kudos to them for doing so.  It’s also nice to see names like Mons Johnson still kicking around the teams.



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