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Is Facebook the new Scrye? Arcane Legions suggests it might be… July 29, 2009

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ArcaneLegions_LogoArcane Legions is probably the closest thing to the “next big thing” right now in hobby gaming…it has a great pedigree behind it (the founder of WizKids is one of the producers), a unique take on packaging and pre-painting (a mixed bag for both), and a unique formation element. 

With all of that being said…it’s also noteworthy that is one of the first big releases to come in the post-gaming magazine period of the hobby.  There is no more Scrye…there is no more InQuest, or Dragon, or Dungeon.  Instead, you have fan sites, blogs, ICv2, and a few other web outlets.  But Arcane Legions has taken to social networking well…it has a presence on Facebook that is more meaningful at this point than it’s official website.  Sign up as a “fan” of Arcane Legions, and you’ll get updates with new pics of figures in the first release, rules updates, and a home page full of useful information and communication avenues directly with the people behind the game.

To be sure, Arcane Legions isn’t the only game leveraging social networking, Magic is putting itself out there and spoiling cards via Tweets.  However, Magic has had a chance to evolved into that position.  (And let’s not forget the fact that the existence of Magic launched many game magazines back in the day, including hits like InQuest and misses like Conjure.)  Arcane Legions is using social networking as it’s front line with what will likely be it’s hardcore fans.  It will be interesting to see if that is enough to get the word out.



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