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Magic 2010 Sell Outs…that old Magic smell is a winner July 24, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in CCG, Magic the Gathering.

This year Wizards of the Coast decided to revamp the core set by adding in new core fantasy cards for the first time since the days of Alpha/Beta/Unlimited some sixteen years ago.  (The set has changed much over time, but always by adding reprints from existing sets.) Magic_Logo

The new set was printed with roughly half the cards being brand new to the game.  Even accounting for perhaps half of those being along the lines of functional reprints or power tweaks (I’m looking at you, Doom Blade),  there has been a lot of excitement for this base set, more that we’ve seen since maybe 8th when the new borders popped up.  WotC even ran pre-releases (I went 3-2 piloting the proverbial pile) and release events since this was truly a NEW set.

Wizards did a great job of cleaning the set up and bringing back a more standardized fantasy feel.  With the hodge podge of sets past cluttering up Xth edition, there were good cards to be sure, but the cohesive feel of  a set was missing.  That feeling is back.

I can confirm that my local shop did sell out of their inital orders within the first week of actual release…in fact, I think it was by Wednesday.  For a core set, that’s an impressive feat.  There have been a smattering of stories like this on sites like mtgsalvation, but I think this proves that WotC took a step in the right direction with this decision.



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