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SDCC News: NECA to helm HeroClix – UPDATE July 22, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in CMG, Conventions, HeroClix, Marvel.

On site reports are coming in from San Diego Comic Con today, as seen on HCRealms.com…the reports are that NECA has won the bidding war and will be taking over the HeroClix line.  This seems to be confirmed by an Amazon posting for the long awaited Chariot of Thor piece. HeroClix_Logo

NECA may ring a bell for some of you, they produce a number of licensed toys and collectibles already.  While I don’t see any games in their inventory currently, I am quite sure they will be able to find someone that is interested in the game design of future sets.  (Insert obligatory throwing of the hat in the ring here.)

This will be interesting to see in action…with Hammer of Thor supposedly due still this fall now, this likely pushes the first NECA developed set into direct competition with UDE’s forthcoming Marvel minis game next year.  Of course, the gaming consumers should be the real winners, with what should be a number of great comic book games to choose from.

UPDATE: ICv2 commented on the news today, confirming some of the above information.  They report that an official announcement could come later today.  (West coast time…so I’m guessing late afternoon/evening for we mid-westerners.)  Since ICv2 waited a couple of days to run the story, I’m guessing they are working from some more official information.  I’ll tag a final update if/when official news comes down the pike.



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