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Not Another Weekly Comics Rant 1/14/2009 January 14, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in DC.
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Or, I liked it better when it was Rock of Ages.

I have this theory about music, that most people lock in at a certain age, usually somewhere around high school or college, and whatever they like at that time, is what they like from then on.

And I think maybe that goes for a lot of things, including comics.  I can actually put my finger on it for comics…it was the late nineties, with the rebirth of the JLA under Morrison/Porter/Dell and the emergence of the The Authority from Ellis and Hitch.  My favorite story of the bunch was Rock of Ages…a true epic featuring an evil league headed by Luthor, the ultimate triumph of Darkseid, and the redemption of the time line.  Sound familiar?

For those of you not reading comics a little over 10 years ago, Final Crisis may or may not look familiar, but to anyone who has read Rock of Ages, you can’t help but get that feeling of deja vu all over again.  Clearly this storyline means a lot to Grant Morrison.  However, the first time around, it was wrapped up quite neatly at the end.  This time things look messy.

Much like in Rock of Ages, Darkseid again kills Batman with his Omega Beams.  A bit overkill, no?  Anyway, this time it’s supposed to be permanent.  Nevermind that Superman is supposed to be even more omnipotent because of the ultimate Guardian weapon…he still can’t keep Bats from getting killed.

And really…it just doesn’t sell me on it.  When Cap died last year…that felt a bit more legit.  This time, I feel like I’m still reading an elseworlds from which we will soon return to normal.  I mean, Martian Manhunter and Batman, both dead in the same mini-series?  I just can’t wrap my head around it.  At least Bats got the more dramatic death scene.

So this leads into probably a year of no true Batman, no Martian Manhunter, and whatever the next big earth shattering storyline is.  And who knows what the next issues denouement is going to bring.

One more thing…isn’t Supergirl supposed to be like 16?  What’s with all of the references made to violating her throughout all of the various books she appears in?  Is it worse than the implied incest (Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver AND Fenris) or cannibalism (Venom, Blob) over in Marvel?  I don’t know…but I could do without some of the “edginess”.

Hey, it’s a rant, isn’t it?

So…Final Crisis…I think I would have given up on you long ago…except we are promised this really does change things, and I like to keep my options open.  We’ll see what the final issue brings, I’m sure.



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