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If NCAA Football were a Magic Tournament… January 12, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in Football, Game Theory, Magic the Gathering.
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…it would go like this.   A young up and comer that had been tearing it up at Friday night magic would finally get to his first Pro Tour.  And lo and behold, in the first round he’d have to play like Jon Finkel or someone…but he’d win!  And then he would keep winning, and go undefeated for the whole event!  And then, for the finals, he’d be ask to play for 3rd, because hey, even though Olivier Ruel and Rapheal Levy both lost a match already, everyone “knows” they are better players, and deserve the right to play for first instead.

And that’s pretty much what happened to Utah this year.  They started off playing Michigan…the winningest program of all time, a team that in it’s last game had beaten Florida, Tim Tebow and all.  And they won.  And yeah, Michigan pretty much sucked this year…but Utah didn’t know that would be the case when the scheduled them.  And Utah won out for the year, beating 6 bowl bound teams in all, or put another way, half of their opponents had winning records.

And they were still passed over for the National Championship game.  And this proves the lie that all of these schools are in the same division.  If that were the case, each of them would have an equal chance at earning a spot in the championship game.  But clearly they don’t…if it didn’t happen this year, when could it possibly happen?  Would it take an undefeated smaller school and all major programs having 2 losses instead of 1?

Now for me, this is another argument to either get rid of the BCS or create a playoff.  If you get rid of the BCS, Utah gets selected for whichever bowl, and people can vote them how they like.  Or, create a playoff, and Utah is in and can really play it out.



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