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College Bowl Season Nearly Over January 6, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in Football.

As a Michigan Wolverines fan…it’s been a long year.  Though we sit atop a tenuous perch as the winningest program of all time, practically the team that invented college football…we had our worst year perhaps ever.  For the first time in my life time we aren’t in a bowl game.  And so we sit on the sidelines watching rivals Ohio State lose another big one on the national landscape.

A co-worker and avid OSU fan posits that the Buckeyes get good invites in small part because their fans “travel well”, which is to say that last night half the crowd at the Fiesta Bowl was cheering on the crimson and grey.  Coaxing someone out of Ohio in the depths of winter to spend a few days in Arizona doesn’t seem like it should be too hard, but then again, it was a school night.

As is the national championship game this Thursday.  Why it couldn’t be played on a Friday night I’ll never know, but I’m sure I’ll be up until midnight again watching it, unless it’s a blowout.

Speaking of a national championship…no less than PRESIDENT-ELECT Obama has weighed in on the relative lack of common sense used to determine such things this time of year.  The national championship bowl game has routinely been a source of much angst.  This year looks no different with Texas (who beat OSU last night) and Utah (who beat Michigan to start the season) both looking to be worthy contenders to the throne.

Far be it from me to broach this topic without throwing my own two cents in.  I think that college fans need to decide what they really want, and then persue that end.  If we want an uncontested national champion, then we need a playoff/bowl system of some kind.  But I’m not sure that is what everyone wants.  The bowl system was never meant to crown a national champion.  In reality, it was more of a way for conferences to compare themselves to one another, on relative strength.  If  you know who the best Big 10 school is, and the 2nd best, and 3rd, then how do they compare to like ranked schools in other conferences?  The bowls tell you this.  The national championship was always largely a construction of the national media, and/or a consensus of coaches opinions.

For me, I’d be happy to just have bowl games again, and let the pundits sort out their favorite for national champ each year…it’s what they are going to do anyway.



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