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Blind versus Fixed Boosters: The Bad Guys January 6, 2009

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Game Theory, World of Warcraft.

One thing I’ve noticed about the new cmg releases this year is that I like the licenses in slices, not necessarily for the whole pie.  When it came to HeroClix for example…I was very omnivorous.  I wanted every product, regardless of the theme or license.  Similarly with Attacktix…I like each line enough to want everything.  Sure I have my favorites, but the line as a whole is/was something I wanted.

But with the new games this year, I don’t feel the same way.  Take World of Warcraft for example.  I could live my whole life and never have a Murloc figure, and be perfectly happy.  With Monsterpocalypse, it’s like half the set I like (giant robots and dinosaurs), the other half I could care less about (the ones that look like a pile of throw up).  So how does that tie into boosters?

Very directly as it turns out.  With Mutant Chronicles, I have a lot of love for two factions of the 4.5 out there.  Bauhaus and Brotherhood figures, I can’t get enough of.  But Algeroth/Illian?  Forget it.  These guys are  basically zombies with blaster guns.  No thanks, I’ll take my bad guys slick like Stormtroopers thank you.  But so what?  With fixed boosters, I can buy exactly the figs I want, and forget the rest are even out there.

On the other hand, you have Monsterpocalypse and World of Warcraft.  Since they are both blind boosters, it’s pretty tough to track down just the figs that I want from the factions I like.  I’ve invested a bit in each, and I don’t have anywhere near what approaches a reasonable looking team from either one.  So I’m resigned to either trading for the figs or looking for them as singles down the road a little ways.  Not the most ideal situation for me as as a player.

So where am I going with this?  I think…maybe what I’m suggesting is that the type of a license might also be an indicator of how well it might sell in a sealed format versus a blind booster.  World of Warcraft is probably going to do OK sealed, or at the very least, that is unlikely to be the root problem with any issues that arise with the game down the road.  (Customer service at UDE on the other hand…) .  Why?  Because I think those that like WoW like most or all of it as a universe.  But I think Monsterpocalypse might have worked better fixed.  I know I would have bought a lot more of it in that format.  Now, I know that Privateer Press expects everyone to buy full sets.  All of their promotions skew that way.  But, with that being said, I don’t know how realistic that is to bring in a large audience for the game.  Put another way, I’d hate to be the parent expecting they are buying something “giant roboty” like Defender X and instead ending up with something like Cthugrosh that looks like a squid puking up its own guts.  But then again maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, after all, I won’t even let my daughter get Bratz even though she has almost every Barbie ever made in the past three years.  But my point is, MonPoc is in theory appealing to several different genres (like say, HeroScape does) all within the same context.  And I think there is less of a chance that someone is going to be nearly interested in all of the various figures.



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