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Election ’08 = Coke vs. Pepsi? July 28, 2008

Posted by webofwebhead in Politics.

I’ve always marveled at how much money is spent on advertising Coke and Pepsi…two very similar products that have established fan bases.  Who are the ads targeted at?  Are Coke ads aimed at Pepsi drinkers, or are the just playing to their “base”?

I see the political adds for the presedential campaign in the same way…you have group A that is going to vote McCain and group B voting Obama.  The “Undecideds” are out there, but they seem to be taking their ques from internet rumors and chain emails more than anything…

I really think tv ads must target the core audience more than anything, even though they don’t always appear that way.  I’d really love to see the metric down the road of voters who have chosen A or B but then changed their minds before the election…in other words, how many people jumped ship?  That might be the most important metric out there for election predictors.  As for undecideds, I really question how many of them are really out there…

Related but unrelated, have you seen the ads for this “Swing Vote” movie?  From the looks of it, the popular vote is evenly split…and only one vote remains out there to be tallied…Kevin Costners.  The only thing is…I have the horrible feeling that this is just going to confuse a lot more people that already seem to be struggling with the concept of the electoral college…



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