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Not Another Weekly Comics Rant #1256 April 16, 2008

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…or maybe it is!

On with the rant!

DC/Wildstorm – DREAMWAR – #1

I had a glimmer of hope for this book…I had planned on not picking it up at all, but then I read this interview with the writer, Keith Giffen.  I quote:

You mentioned in other interviews that the basic outline happens—they meet, they fight, they revolve it, they do something together.Yeah. Well, that’s pretty much par for the course, isn’t it? The heroes meet. They fight. They go, “Wait a minute. We’re both heroes.” And they go off and fight the common enemy. I’d like to think this time I came up with a real rationale for that happening other than the fact that the heroes are too stupid to recognize one another for that they are.



I would argue that he has changed the formula to simply “they fight”.  We see a number of known DC teams, but none of them seem quite right…A Morrison era looking JLA except with an old school Green Arrow and Hal “Green Lantern” Jordan, and Old School Titans team with half the squard wearing their modern garb.  3 strangers meet the “Tranquility” cast…except they have to announce basically to the audience they are really Alan Scott, Jay Garrick and Ted Grant.  (Who are really Green Lantern/Sentinel, a Flash, and Wildcat.)  And some Legion of Super Heroes members that don’t appear to match any of the current five or six versions spy on something called Stormwatch.

There isn’t even that much fighting.  The Titans fight Majestic, no introduction, they just attack him.  Cyborg fights some guy in a suit.  I think he is supposed to be Spartan.  Who, is either a cyborg or a pure robot, assuming that is who it even is.

Here’s the breakdown, even if you really know all of this stuff, and I think I know it fairly well, you’ll still be confused, and I don’t think there is a hook to bring you back.  (See also: Secret Invasion #1)  Put another way, the five page preview of Hawksmoor #1 at the end was far and away the best part of the book.


On with the RAVE:

MARVEL – Captain America – #37

I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far at the Cap run since the titular character was killed.  However, this issue is a little light on action.  Actually, there is no action.  I take that back, Barton (“Yeah.  You used to be Hawkeye.”) takes a couple of swings at the new Cap.  That’s it.  The Red Skull broods a lot.  (Even in the flashback he is brooding.)  Faustus broods.  Sharon Carter broods a lot.  The Falcon broods and complains.

Crap.  This is a rant too.

This chapter will look fine in retrospect when you read it in a graphic novel couched between (hopefully) some more action packed issues on either side.  This one was just a little too much “look at how clever I am by interweaving all of the real world conspiracy theories into a comics story line” for me this week.

Bonus META-Rant of the week:

Avengers/Invaders?  Project Super Powers?  (Or whatever it’s called.)  Can someone reign in Alex Ross a bit?  Yes…you’re the pre-emminnet artist of the day, I get it.  I believe it too.   But can we leave the stories to someone else?



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