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Oscar, meet the Grouch February 25, 2008

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In case you somehow missed it…the Oscars were last night.  Oh, I missed them, quite intentionally, just like every year, but I knew they were going on.  The press couldn’t stop reminding me about it every five seconds, about how whether or not the writer’s strike would be over by then (who cares!), about which movies would win…blah blah blah.

To me, the Oscars serve only one purpose, to juxtapose popular cinema with “art” cinema.  Sure, every once in a while you get your Gladiator or Lord of the Rings that somehow manages to span the gap.  But this year…the top prizes all went to movies that largely, to me anyway, look like they were made only to win Oscars!  What a concept.  I mean, best actress goes to a movie I’ve never even heard of, you’ve probably never heard of, no one I know has seen…but this was the best performance by a female actor?  How does anyone know?  If you make a movie and no one sees it, was it any good…really?

Yes, I unabashedly like my movies Transformers sized typically.  This is not to say that smaller films are never my cup of tea.  But honestly, if there were no Oscars, would some of these movies ever even be made?  Me, I’ll stick to movies that, you know, people actually go see, and that actually make money even though they cost 200 million to make.  But whatever.  Label me bourgeois if you must.

With that, I’ll tell you what I think the best movie of the year was…Transformers.  Why?  Not just because it made a boat load of money.  In a sea of last-of-the-arc trilogies, TF seemed like a breath of fresh popcorn this year.  Two sequels from now, it might not have that same feel, but this year it did feel fresh compared to say, the third Pirates movie.  (Which, by the way, made no sense.)  So there you go.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. – B



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