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Feeling Fluent… February 22, 2008

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…and not in French or Spanish either.  Just when a guy gets back into the habit of writing again…I got the flu.  Well, I was sick.  I describe my symptoms as being “bedridden” for the better part of the week, and consequently not eating for most of that time.  However, I’ve begun to recover from my weakened condition…so here I am again.

Two big items right now…Lucasfilm (i.e. Star Wars) sued Gen Con over some financial issues stemming from Celebration IV.  Gen Con turned around and filed for Chapter 11, and appears to be refocusing on the core business of running Gen Con Indy.  Persons whose opinions I trust on the matter would seem to agree with Peter’s press statement that no real shenanigans happened, and this seems to be a big bookkeeping fiasco.  And really, would it surprise anyone?  But it did make Slash Dot, which is funny to me for some reason, but shouldn’t be surprising.  I’ll tend to believe that there were only honest mistakes made, and that this will all get worked out by (gasp!) the courts of all things.

On the uptick, Toy Fair in New York has been roaring on.  I don’t have a dog in the fight per se this year, at least not directly.  (Next year SHOULD be a different story.)  However, it’s always interesting to see what is going on across the spectrum.  A lot of heat for the new Indiana Jones lines I’m noticing, and I also see that Mattel is going to start doing 3 3/4″ DC figs.

Hmm…might as well throw a plug in quick, Mighty Muggs…those quirky new chunky figs of various Star Wars characters and soon to be Marvel, were designed by one of my friends that works on Attacktix with me.  The price point on these is just right too I think, about 10 bucks.  They are great, fun display pieces, and/or heavy duty enough to the let the little ones play with them.  Give ’em a look the next time you are out toy shopping.

Ok, that’s it for now, going to take one last DayQuil…  – B



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