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UDE to bring WoW to cmgs… February 7, 2008

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ICV2 is reporting that Upper Deck, who currently puts out the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game will be releasing a collectible miniatures game based on the same property.  Due later this year, the game will release in a format we are all familiar with, fixed starters, random starters, boosters, and a “giant” fig of Onyxia.

Similarly to the tcg, you will be able to play against your friends or against the game itself, much like the raid decks allow you to do in the tcg.  This is also similar to playing against a figure like Galactus in HeroClix.

It is not known at this time whether or not the cmg will include “loot” in the same vein as the tcg.  (Loot cards come with hidden codes that allow you to unlock exclusive content within the video game itself.)  Since loot is the biggest selling point of the tcg, giving the mmorpg players a reason to collect the cards, I would be surprised if UDE didn’t use the same scheme in the minis game.

All things considered, with the tcg coexisting with Magic, I see no reason that the minis game can’t coexist with say…D&D minis.  With Mage Knight long gone, a second fantasy based collectible minis game might just be what the fan base is looking for.  It will be interesting to see if they can get the product out to both hobby retailers and the mass market.

UPDATE: You can view the official site HERE…there are a total of 4 figure sculpts previewed, as well as a short FAQ.



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