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LOST – back in the saddle February 1, 2008

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LOST is back on TV…gimme a Hell ‘Yeah!  About the only serial show I make time to watch (or DVR at least).

So, much like the last episode of the last season, the flashbacks are now flashforwards (essentially), from the point of view of the action on the island.

The big thing some missed off the top, Hurley states he is part of the “Oceanic 6”.  Assuming that means only six survivors made it off the island, and we know 3 of them so far, (Kate and Jack from last episode)…who are the other 3?  I’m guessing we will know at least one more next week.  We can speculate any of the main characters…Sawyer may be there with Kate, and someone that died that only Jack went to the funeral for…but Kate knew as well.  Perhaps Locke?  That seems to fit.

Also, the one cool easter egg I was able to pick up today in the maelstrom of discussion and expand on, the gentlemen that visits Hurley the first time in the hospital, with the sharp suit and sharp features, his last name is given as Abaddon.  Apparently this is Hebrew for “destruction/place of destruction/hell”, and even Christian lit. for “Angel of the Abyss”.  Chilling stuff.

Can’t wait for next week.



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