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Dreamblade out…Pokemon in the CMG market… October 10, 2007

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Two interesting news bites this week on the collectible miniatures game end.  This past weekend the Pokemon CMG showed up at retail.  I also got word that the Dreamblade CMG was put on hold folllowing their latest release.   Hmmm.

I always felt the Dreamblade mythos was a bit narrow for wide popular support.  I liked the basic mechanics, it plays a little more like a traditional board game, which I think is a good thing.  But it was almost like looking at a D&D or Mage Knight set with all of the “good guys” stripped out, and you were left with sentient scissors and razorblade snakes.  Eh, not my cup of tea.  Alas, the game made it about exactly 14 months.  Mind you that two GenCons ago Dreamblade was the “hot” item…

Pokemon on the other hand aims for the other end of the spectrum, with very kid friendly “monsters”, none of which I fear handing off to my 3 1/2 year old.  I’ve already bought her a few cards (though she prefers Bella Sara), and the minis look interesting.  I picked up a booster already, and it seems inevitable that I will at least pick up the starters, even though the game itself is a little over her head.  However, she likes to spin them, and the bases are color coded which is something she does know, so I’m sure we can come up with some fun little kid rules to enjoy them in the meanwhile.

As a side note…I have a prop and a slop for the packaging.  Props for the semi-blind booster of one common displayed figure and one hidden rare figure.  Seeing how it turned out, I can see this as a viable alternative for Attacktix down the road if we were to ever choose that route.  HOWEVER…the blind packed side appears to be rather easy to pilfer…out of three boosters on the shelf yesterday, all three were pilfered, and it was not immediately noticeable to me.  Simply prying the bottom apart slightly will at the very least give you an easy look at the rare, and I’m sure if you bought a few you could easily return extra figs with no problems.  They will need to secure those holders in such a way that accessing them destroys part of the packaging, otherwise buying boosters off of the shelf will forever be a crapshoot.  (Of course, they are in good company when it comes to making packaging mistakes right off the bat, but apparently no one ever learns this lesson before they make the mistake.)



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