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WizKids parent Topps to be sold to Eisner investors… September 20, 2007

Posted by webofwebhead in CCG, CMG, HeroClix.

You can read details HERE.  After a bit of a dust up with UDE of VS. and Yu-Gi-Oh!  fame, Topps has taken the lower offer from the Eisner led investment group Tornante.  Eisner, formerly of Disney, ironically will have his hands on a Disney product line indirectly, with WizKids recently picking up the right to Pirates of the Caribbean.

It’s not clear how big WizKids portion of the Topps pie is at this time…but they have been doing strong work picking up licenses (including the hottest license this month…Halo)…I get the feeling they will survive this fairly unscathed.  Of course…the biggest problem is that now WK is two levels below the ownership…so they will either fly under the radar, or get trampled under foot…time will tell.

Personally, I would have been interested to see what UDE would have done with Topps, particularly on the gaming side…it seems like it would have been a slam dunk to cross market the Marvel and DC minis and ccg’s, but I guess we will never know.



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