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Catching up… July 20, 2007

Posted by webofwebhead in About This Blog.

The last month or so has been odd…this week I’m on 5 x 10’s at work, the week before I was on a jury for the week, the week before that was the mid-week holiday 4th and all of the scheduling weirdness that went with that and not having a sitter, and the week before THAT was summer vacation.  Phew.

So…in the meanwhile, I’ve been trying to write weekly for Joe over at joeattacktix.com, a new column called Two Tix Forward, but it’s been more like every other week so far.  And I’m ok with that.  🙂  Once the new stuff comes out, I’ll have a lot more to talk about, and obviously I’m looking forward to that.  I’m also working on an article for heroscapers.com…that should be out next week, and I’m very excited about that since it will be my first time on a new site in a while, and the first time I’ve written substantially on a different game in some time.

I’ve been watching a lot of G4 lately as well, so I look forward to next week’s look at Comic-Con…and then it’s GenCon on the horizon.  Expect a good review for that event.

OK – back to the grindstone… – B

btw – if you haven’t gone out and seen Transformers yet…what are you waiting for?



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