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GenCon, like gravity… July 5, 2007

Posted by webofwebhead in About This Blog, Conventions, Game Theory.

…pulling me in.  I once read about an astronaut that said that after being in space, he could FEEL gravity when he was back on Earth, pulling on his body.

Having been to big conventions…I can relate…NOT being there now…not being at Origins as it starts today…I feel it pulling on my mind, like mental gravity.  Gen Con in my mind is like a huge gravity well that I’m slowly circling towards.  I feel it in my dreams (of waiting in line…BAH!)…when I’m awake, at work, all the time.

Joe pointed out that’s it’s probably anticipation in both a good and bad way…lots of new things to see, but also the pressure to make connections and to “make things happen”, to play well if I enter events.  I suppose that is true also.

Aaron…just days ago, we thought there were no big HeroClix events going on…after all, none had been announced…now there are world championships to consider.

In any case…I can’t wait.  Matt will be there of course.  I just found out an old friend, David, will be there…and probably some or most of you too.  I think Brian is going to make it this year too…should be a great time. – B



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