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Spider-Man 3 Attacktix Out Now March 20, 2007

Posted by webofwebhead in Attacktix, CMG, Conventions, Marvel, Movies, Previews.

Apparently the Spider-Man 3 Attacktix set is already starting to pop at retailers, with initial reports coming in ofToys R Us purchases.  Start looking now at your favorite Attacktix outlet.

Spider-Man III Attacktix Set

This set represents the final pieces of the initial Marvel offerings, filling in the “missing” Spider-Man (SM) series figures first found in the Origins starter.  This is also the second Marvel movie themed series following the Ghost Rider products from earlier this year.  Designing figs for the movies…

…is interesting.  I know the “canon” versions of the characters well already, but how do you capture the specific essence of the movie versions in ‘Tix form?  Research and some insider tips help, and in the end you try to stay true to the essence of the characters.  The New Goblin was the most challenging, as he seems to depart the most from the comics storyline.  However, his “Vengeance: Spider-Man” power fits him near perfectly I think.  Venom is interesting as a launcher…a big departure from the huge striker version from the boosters, and again looking strong even with little in the way of color to make him stand out.  Representing a polar opposite of Spidey’s altruism, Venom feeds on the pain of others utilizing the Vanquish power.

The new Spider-Man mega is incredibly unique…a 360 degree attack field surrounding the figures base building.  This version of the web swinger appears again with the Rescue power…representing his ability to pull people (and himself with them) out of danger just in the nick of time.  Finally the massive Sandman figure rounds out the set.  This combo Striker/Launcher packs a lot of punch…shooting sand blasts at first and then swiping out 0pponents at close range.  Unlike some megas that are still vulnerable to traditonal attacks, the Sandman fig has great defense and will almost certainly need to be defeated via his sand pillar targets.  Once defeated, he stand a good chance of “blowing up”, creating a dust cloud that Stuns two whole classes of figures.

All in all the SM3 figs were a blast to work on, and I hope you have ten times the phone playing them.  Keep in mind the new standard sized figs will be legal for TicCon events, and a sealed set will be part of the grand prize for the main event.  – B



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