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Clutter… February 14, 2007

Posted by webofwebhead in About This Blog, Attacktix.

Argh.  You know how they say bad news comes in threes…well, hopefully today is three…

Two weeks ago I cut my thumb wide open.  Last week our upstairs pipes froze, sending water running down through the ceiling on the first floor and causing who knows how much damage.  Today we had a “blizzard”.  Don’t give me crap if you live somewhere like Denver…I know 5″ – 8″ might not sound like much, but when you’re out there shoveling it yourself, it’s enough.

So…I’m working from home again today after coming home yesterday at lunch time.  Bouncing back and forth between IT calls, Attacktix deadlines and chasing my daughter around…it’s tiring.  My desk is littered with empty m & m’s wrappers (Valentines Day packs), Marvel Series 2 protos and a myriad array of pagers and phones.  (Oh yeah, I’m on call at work this week as well.)

You’d think I’d have my desk better organized with the time off…but it’s just freed me up to do more work and try to meet deadlines.  Random thought…the ice terrain from HeroScape is perfect for displaying the ‘tix Wampa.

Weird item of the day…last year after xmas I picked up this…thing.  It had m & m’s in it originally (there we go again)…it’s like a super deformed ceramic chewy with all of my pencils pens and paint markers sticking out of it’s head.  It’s frickin’ sweet is what it is.

Still adjusting to the 4 tens at work, we’ll see how this week goes.  Busy times…following the Toy Fair coverage has been a blast this year, since I have a dog in the fight so to speak.  Of course, game text is the last thing people have in mind when checking out the sculpts, and probably all of the effect figs don’t even have their effect plates yet…but the painted figs look awesome compared to the test shots I’ve got.  I can’t wait.  – B OUT



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