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Looking for a new word… January 26, 2007

Posted by webofwebhead in CCG, CMG, Game Theory.

I’m looking for a new word…a word that will cover both CCG’s and CMG’s…a name for the grouping of things you use in those games.  In CCG’s, by default it’s “deck” of course (although some games use more specific terms), in CMG’s it’s team, squad, warband, what have you.  But what I’m looking for is a collective word that would encompass both genres.  My current favorite is “clutch”…but I’d love to hear ideas that others can come up with… – B



1. YodaBreaker - January 27, 2007

My favorite so far is “cluster”, as in the cats collective. Other favorites include “troop” (apes), “gang” (buffalo), “corps” (giraffes), “band” (gorilla), “pod” (hippopotamus, whales), “party” (jays), and “parcel” (penguins). AskOxford is my source: http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/collective/

2. Matt Forbeck - January 28, 2007

Components. 🙂

3. marilyn brodie-meyers - January 31, 2007

I think collection or stuff sounds better than cluster or clutch.

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