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Vicarious Reality – Idol Style January 19, 2007

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I think a pop culture phenomen has peaked when you can know everything about it with never having to observe it directly.  American Idol is that way right now, even though it just started up again.  I’ve watched 2 minutes of it in passing, but I could tell you ALL about it if I had to, because I’m bombarded with “news” about the show.

With that being said…I find it worth pointing out that American Idol is not unlike a large tournament structure that you might find in a game like Magic…rounds of qualifiers, cuts to the top eight or whatever, a big old prize at the end.  It turns out…it’s a valid way of finding and developing talent.  Look at Carrie Underwood…instantly one of the most successful Country/Pop acts out there.  Slick marketing only takes you so far, talent takes you the rest of the way.  Of course, it works because they start with a significantly large enough pool to begin with I think.

Speaking of the shallow end of the talent pool…doesn’t it turn out that the best shows are those first ones where they show everyone that didn’t make the cut…by a large margin.  Who Wants to be a Superhero? was the same way, and I think they made a mistake by cutting that section down to the first half hour.  Contestants like Ice B!+@# deserve more than a moment to utter their catch-phrase (FREEZE MOTHER !$#^%&).  WWE’s Tough Enough was the same way…only with more body slams.  And really, wouldn’t more shows on TV be better with more Elbow Drops from the top rope?- B



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