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What is the deal with Arby’s lunch? January 18, 2007

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I’d be the first to admit that I like to eat a hearty lunch.  BUT…Arby’s appears to be out of my price range.  I can usually get by at a fast food joint for say around six bucks for lunch.  Eight is pushing it…it better be good.  But yesterday, I went to Arby’s and picked up….

  1. A small shake
  2. A regular roast beef
  3. A three piece chicken tender
  4. and a five piece potato bites

Grand total – $10.63!!!  I usually go budget on the exclamation marks, but dang.  Over ten bucks?  What am I doing wrong here? – B



1. Josh Miller - February 7, 2007

You’re not buying value meals. If you’re going ot pick and choose at Fast Food it’s always cheaper to either get a value meal or to go for dollar menu items. Other than the Roast Beef Wendy’s has comparable items on thier menu for a buck each. Sadly in my area all of the Wendy’s resteraunts closed up for ome reason.

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