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Marvel Attacktix Previews Final: Captain America December 6, 2006

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Welcome to the final day of the Marvel Attacktix previews. You’ll find previews here, at the Joe Attacktix site, and at the Master Attacktix site. Special thanks go out to Joe and Jason for all of their help in bringing these previews to all of you.

We finish the Marvel Previews with the Sentinel of Liberty…

Captain America Attacktix

Captain America

  • Attack: Launcher – Shield Throw//Striker – Backhand
  • Defense: Medium Base
  • Points: 40
  • Attacktix Class: Leader
  • Marvel Class: Avengers
  • Base Speed: 8
  • Special Power: Last Stand
  • Number: (M/08)
  • Rarity: Booster – Super Rare

Brett’s Notes: Cap is obviously quite unique…not only does he have both attack options, but his launcher attack is unique as well. We’ve already seen Last Stand on Punisher…for him it was tied to his tendency to be a loner. Here, it speaks more of Caps willpower, and how he literally is usually the last one standing, the last hero left to hold the line. The toughest part with Cap was his speed….make him too slow, and he’s near worthless as a striker, too fast, and he’s too quick a launcher…so we land in the middle, with near top end launcher speed.

Joe’s Notes: We close the first series of Marvel Attacktix with Captain America. Captain America is the first non-Mega figure to have a Striking AND a Launching Attack. By squeezing the sides of the Shield Launcher, you can knock over enemies after your first movement. Then once Cap is in Striking range, he can shoot and punch his enemies. Cap also have the Last Stand power that the Punisher debuted, giving him the chance to carry your team to victory even if he is the only one left. Though it may take a bit of practice to aim and fire his shield, Captain America will be a figure in high demand.

Be sure to check out the Marvel Attacktix: Civil War Scenario.

Thanks for joining us for the Marvel Attacktix previews!. – B



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