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Live tree…dead wallet December 4, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Uncategorized.

In the tradition of Clark W. Griswold, we (read – my wife) decided to get a live christmas tree this year.  Now, we’ve always had an artificial tree, and I was happy with that, especially the new pre-lit one I bought a couple of years ago.  But this year…it’s a live tree we (she) wants, so a live tree we shall have.

It turns out, the tree farm is nearby, after all, we live in the styx, and the place is hopping.  They have a refreshments stand, huge campfire, horse drawn wagon rides, the works.  They also charge for trees by the foot, from 6 to 12 dollars per, depending on variety of tree.

So, here is how it works.  You wander around until you find a tree you like.  Then you stand by it.  Eventually, a guy comes over with a chainsaw and a long stick.  The stick is to measure the tree.  Our tree was clearly pushing nine feet, he measured it at seven.  Then he cuts it, tags it, and gives you a slip go pay for it.  I asked if they take tips.  They do, without hesitation.

As an aside, if you are in middle of the woods with a guy with a chainsaw, you give him money if he even hints that he would take it.

Then you go pay.  Of course, we picked the 12  dollar per foot variety.  And, then you pull your car around, they shake the tree in a tree shaker (?), net it, throw it on top of your car.  (Tipping the guy that nets and loads it seems optional.)

About a hundred bucks later, you have a tree on top of your car, and the joy of unloading it and trimming it yourself. – B



1. Grievous - December 5, 2006

Sounds like you got ripped off. Our family gets a live tree every year, usually a six footer or so, and it never costs us much more that $40. I think we got this year’s for $30-something. Plus, since the tree chopping part is self-done, we didn’t have to tip a chainsaw weilding maniac. ;D

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