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Marvel Attacktix Previews #15: Western Ghost Rider November 17, 2006

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Welcome to week 3 of the Marvel Attacktix previews.  You’ll find previews here, at the Joe Attacktix site, and at the Master Attacktix site.  We’ll be covering a figure a day each week day until we have covered all of the figures.

Switching back over to the Ghost Rider Starter, today’s preview might be the most detailed sculpt of the Marvel release…

Western Ghost Rider Attacktix

Western Ghost Rider

  • Attack: Launcher – Medium Missile
  • Defense: Medium Base
  • Points: 20
  • Attacktix Class: Warrior
  • Marvel Class: Marvel Knights
  • Base Speed: 4
  • Special Power: Vengeance – Warrior 
  • Number: (GR/03)
  • Rarity: Fixed – Starter/Ghost Rider 

Brett’s Notes: Today’s preview is the second iteration of Ghost Rider…the Western Ghost Rider you see galloping along in the movie preview.  This version of GR carries over the Vengeance signature power, changed up a little to target Warriors.  Sometimes this will be a boon, often it should be a boon, though in the case where your opponent has no Warriors, it could fall flat.  However, getting to target a figure other than the attacker can be game changing.  Similar to his Hidden counterpart Abigor, Western Ghost Rider packs a Medium Missile and Base for the bargain of 20 points, making him a solid launcher figure.

Figure Notes: (Joe’s off today, but he’ll be back next Monday.)  Western Ghost Rider is one of my favorite sculpts in the set.  The detail work in his face and flames is terrific, and his color scheme really captures the western theme.  The bullwhip is a nice touch, and Joe is already plotting out a Indiana Jones custom using parts from this figure and a Han Solo.  Not only is the sculpt flavorful, it’s also practical.  Western Ghost Rider has a wirey frame, with lots of empty spaces for missiles to pass through.  The rock base sets the tone well, and also concentrates some weight to the base…Western GR passes the “tip test” with flying colors.

Look for more previews next week. – B



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