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Marvel Attacktix Previews #8: Abigor November 8, 2006

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Welcome to week 2 of the Marvel Attacktix previews.  You’ll find previews here, at the Joe Attacktix site, and at the Master Attacktix site.  We’ll be covering a figure a day each week day until we have covered all of the figures.

Today’s preview is probably amongst the most obscure of the Marvel set…due to the fact that it is in reality a charcter from the forthcoming Ghost Rider movie…

Abigor Attacktix


  • Attack: Launcher – Medium Missile/Wind Blast
  • Defense: Medium Base
  • Points: 20
  • Attacktix Class: Trooper
  • Marvel Class: The Hidden
  • Base Speed: 4
  • Special Power: Attackback – Hidden 
  • Number: (GR/06)
  • Rarity: Starter – Ghost Rider Movie 

Brett’s Notes: Abigor is one of Blackheart’s mininons, and as a footsoldier of sorts, he makes a good Trooper, an Attacktix Class with a lot of good pre-existing support.  A Medium Missile and Base are great stats for a 20 point figure, analagous to the new Chewbacca from the Series 4 starter.  Finally, the Attackback power builds a solid foundation for a Hidden-centric squad.

Joe’s Notes:  Abigor is a member of the Hidden, a subservient of Blackheart.   The Hidden have elemental powers, Abigor’s being Air, represented by his clear Wind Blast projectile.  A 20 Point Trooper, with a Medium Base and the larger variety of missile makes him a good value.

The figure is well-balanced for a Medium defense, but any attacks on his deformed arm should bring him down.  He will be a key component to any Hidden team, since his death may give a bonus attack for other figures with the Hidden Class.

Look for more previews tomorrow on the Joe Attacktix site. – B



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