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Marvel Attacktix Previews #6: Punisher November 6, 2006

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Welcome to week 2 of the Marvel Attacktix previews.  You’ll find previews here, at the Joe Attacktix site, and at the Master Attacktix site.  We’ll be covering a figure a day each week day until we have covered all of the figures.

Today’s preview, he’s a bit of a loner…his idea of a team-up is using you as a human shield, but he usually gets the job done…

Punisher Attacktix


  • Attack: Launcher – Medium Missile
  • Defense: Medium Base
  • Points: 30
  • Attacktix Class: Specialist
  • Marvel Class: Marvel Knights
  • Base Speed: 6
  • Special Power: Last Stand 
  • Number: (M/02)
  • Rarity: Booster – Rare 

New Special Power – Last Stand

Last Stand – If White > Stand Up if this was your only figure in play. 

Brett’s Notes:The Punisher is a loner at heart…sure, he has ‘Chip working for him back at the shop, but in the field, he likes to go it alone.  Even when he calls in other heroes to help him out, he fully expects to be doing all of the “heavy lifting” himself.  This made him a perfect match for the new Last Stand power, a variant of Recover with a twist, it only works if the figure was your only figure in play when it was defeated.  This twist complicates the “math” of solving a team strategy…as long as you take a figure with Last Stand out early, you know his power is no threat.  But if you leave him alone too long…he might become a recurring nightmare.  This suits the Punisher fine…after all, when the dust clears, he expects to be the last one standing, on either side.

Joe’s Notes:  The Punisher is powerful shooter, costing 30 Points with the larger-sized bullet.  The Punisher’s missile is unique, as well.  The Punisher gets an all-black bullet, perfect for his black based costume.  Star Wars Series 4 brought us a few 10 and 20 Point shooters with large missiles, but the Punisher’s Special Attack is very unique: Last
Stand.  The Punisher gets to stand back up if, and ONLY IF, he is the last figure on your team.  You can picture Frank Castle getting ripped to shreds, fighting to stand back up to take out one more enemy.  The Last Stand power is great for a Shooter, allowing him to stand back and take shots from a distance while you advance your Strikers.  Team him up with Pole Swinging Spidey and the Team Work ability for figures that work together, by NOT really needing each other.

It will be up to your opponent to decide if he is worth targeting early, and letting your other figures advance, or testing the odds and see if he keeps getting to his feet.  The Punisher has come back more than once to save a few games for me.  There is nothing more rewarding than turning your own near-defeat into victory.

Look for more previews tomorrow on the Joe Attacktix site. – B



1. YodaBreaker - November 6, 2006

Oh my – at least his power wasn’t “One-Night Stand” 🙂 This power is a unique turn on the Recover special, and I’m glad to see that it’s a launcher who got it. He’ll be a major target for figure-flingin’ multiple knockdowns, that’s for sure! It’s fascinating how the Marvel Knights seem to be commons; not that I’m complaining, as they seem to be nigty figures, so far.

Oh, and do you mean “loner” (one who stands alone) as opposed to “loaner” (one who is the subject of a loan)?

2. webofwebhead - November 6, 2006

Apparently the type of loaner whose spell checker isn’t looking for context. 😉

3. Josephwpayne - January 12, 2007

cooooooooooool bullet.

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