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Marvel Attacktix Preview #4: Ghost Rider November 2, 2006

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Beginning this week, Joe Attacktix, Master Attacktix, and Web of Webhead will be previewing the forthcoming Marvel Attacktix set.  We’ll be covering a figure a day each week day until we have covered all of the figures.

Today’s preview isn’t part of the Marvel base set, but actually headlines his own subset.  With a sharp looking movie due in 2007, it may very well be Ghost Rider’s time to shine…

Ghost Rider Attacktix

Ghost Rider

  • Attack: Striker – Chain Sweep
  • Defense: Medium Base
  • Points: 20
  • Attacktix Class: Specialist
  • Marvel Class: Marvel Knights
  • Base Speed: 12
  • Special Power: Vengeance – Attacker 
  • Number: (GR/04)
  • Rarity: Starter (Ghost Rider)

Brett’s Notes: Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance.  Sometimes you have to go with your first instincts, and to me, the Vengeance power is too good of a thematic match to pass up.   Not only does the name fit well…but the power fits this conflicted character that fights for good but draws his power from a demonic entity.  The odds are, even if you can manage to take Ghost Rider out, you might very well get caught up in a burst of hellfire.  Interestingly, Ghost Rider has the Specialist class.  While Warrior also would have been fitting…Ghost Rider’s role in the Marvel Universe is usually limited to dealing only with other supernatural threats, making him a “specialist” in that field.

Joe’s Notes:  Ghost Rider is a visually stunning figure, with a detailed, translucent flames similar to the Pyro figure.  He is comparable to Star Wars’ Series 1 Count Dooku, with a very sturdy stance, base speed of 12, strong strike and a long reach.  Combine that attack with the Vengeance Special, and you have one very strong figure.   The ball of flame on the end of his chain not only adds extra impact, but makes it a great looking weapon.  He could be a very good Hero to add to your Teamwork Spider-Man team since his power does not require the Marvel Knight Class.  He is just one of four reasons to pick up the Ghost Rider Starter Set!
Look for more previews tomorrow on the Master Attacktix site. – B



1. YodaBreaker - November 2, 2006

Oh my…just when I thought I’d be able to pass this starter set by, you *had* to go and preview this beast. Not only is this a lovely sculpt, but it’s a unique striking surface that just might be equal or superior to the lightsaber or Wicket’s club. The only thing that concerns me is that the chain links may pose some weak points in the design, any one of which might fracture the chain.

2. Yaggleberry Finn - November 2, 2006

Even though the chain looks thin, I think it’s still going to be sturdier than a lightsaber – and I’ve never broken one of those. And hey, GhostRiderBreaker is just too long of a name anyway.

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