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Game Designing at Titans Tower… September 10, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in Uncategorized.

So while I’m currently working on an Attacktix project for Hasbro, my wife is getting ready to take the Ohio Physical Therapy boards.  So, the other day we both went to the local medical college library for some quiet time.  What’s cool to me…the library looks an awful lot like Titans Tower, sort of a big T shaped building.  (It’s not exact, but close enough.)

It was very cool to be working at such a neat locale…the view out the fifth floor window overlooking a ravine really helped keep my mind clear while I wracked my brain for new ideas. – B



1. Christian Johnson - September 14, 2006

After reading your update re: your Attacktix page, I just might have to check this game out. I have all the Shadowrun Action Figures and enjoyed that short lived game, but your description makes Attacktix sound great. If only I had limitless funds…Pirates…Battletech…D&D Minis…Star Wars Minis…Star Wars Space Combat Minis…Heroscape…aaaaaah!

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