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Fantasty versus Reality… August 31, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in About This Blog.

So…as you know, I have two jobs right now.  One job is firmly rooted in reality…IT support for a health-care facility.  In that job, I go to meetings, fix copiers, design intranet pages, normal stuff.  In the other job…I sit in front of a computer at night and get paid to play games.  That’s the kind of thing you dream of when you’re a kid, pure fantasy.

OK, so speaking of fantasy vs. reality, Who Wants to be a Superhero? concluded tonight.  The mere fact that a show like this, with Stan Lee as the host, can find it’s place on tv…it proves my point once again, the geeks have inherited the Earth.  Of course, I missed the last 10 minutes tonight so I could play some Star Wars – Lego with Julie (that’s true love man!)  Luckily a quick web search confirmed who the winner was.

Let’s see…Fantastic Four cartoon premieres this weekend on Cartoon Network.  Looks nice…hopefully more like Ultimates, but with a manga twist to hook the kids.  The Ultimate FF has really got me hooked on the characters again, can’t wait to see how the new ‘toon matches up with it.

OK…back to the grindstone… – B



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