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Can Dreamblade live up to the hype? August 11, 2006

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Here’s a snippet of the GenCon update I received today…

  • The debut of Wizards’ “hat trick”: Dreamblade, the third great game phenomenon from the maker of D&D and Magic: The Gathering, launching at Gen Con Indy.”
  • Dreamblade is set to do to the ‘00’s what D&D did to the ‘80’s and Magic did to the ‘90’s. This innovative, fast-playing, high-stakes game will feature over half a million dollars in tournament prize money in the twelve months following its Gen Con debut (including over $20,000 in cash prizes at Gen Con alone)! Professional video gamers, step aside!”

That’s a bold statement.

Dungeons & Dragons…which made it’s debut in the mid-70’s is the father of the modern RPG era.  A solid game to start with…D&D has benefitted greatly from also being the first RPG.

Magic the Gathering made it’s debut in the early 90’s, also the first of it’s kind…the first CCG.  A solid game by any measure, it too has benefitted greatly from being the first of it’s kind.

Which brings us to Dreamblade.  Coming out in 2006…it misses being the first collectible minis game by about five years.  (Mage Knight holds that honor…which came out in 2001.)  Right out of the gate…this shoots the comparison to D&D and Magic in the foot in my mind.  Now, Dreamblade is supposed to be innovative…being played on a chess like 5 x 5 square board.  However, Navia Dratp has a similar mechanic and has also been out for a couple of years already.

Wizards is going the UDE route and offering a lot of money right out of the gate to play the game at the tournament level.  I’m unsure if this is a vote of utter confidence or a way to hedge ones bets…time will tell.

Undoubtedly I will be checking this game out tomorrow…I’ll try to demo it and give a report back.  Despite my criticisms of the claims above, I am interested to see how the game plays out.  I’ve reveiwed the pics online and in the mags (see Dreamdragonbladeclix), and while some of the pieces don’t appeal to me at all, a handful look really nice.  I guess we’ll all know tomorrow. – B



1. Jonathan Tweet - August 12, 2006

I’ll be curious to see what you think of the game after you’ve played it.

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