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The HeroScape Review August 1, 2006

Posted by webofwebhead in CMG, Reviews.

Finally I’m starting to catch up on my reviews.  Today is Heroscape, I’ll finish this week with reviews of Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 and Transformers Attacktix Series 1.

HeroScape Starter

Heroscape is a cross-genre miniatures game with an original premise and constructable hex terrain.  The premise of the game is an interesting one, the fight takes place in Valhalla, and the Viking gods summon the greatest warriors from across time and space to do battle on their behalf.  What this means is that you can have Samurai figs fighting quasi-Matrix figs fighting WWII Army figs fighting Zombie Alien figs, all in a single system.  The premise of the game is a great excuse for the cross-genre factions.

The figures are of the approximate scale of HeroClix figs, with a good amount of detail.  Figs come on plain bases, all stats are maintained on Hex shaped cards.  The Star Wars minis game uses a similar setup.  The cards are large, big enough for a good pic, as well as a variety of powers.  Squads are all represented by a single card, heroes have their own card.

The real claim to fame for the game in my mind is the constructable hex terrain.  The terrain fits together lego style, with different sized pieces starting with single hexs, all of the way up to huge multi-hex platforms.  The terrain comes in a variety of types, like Grass and Rock, Snow and Lava, and terrain comes in boosters along with figures, allowing you to add on.  Map building is an art form all to it’s own, and the terrain is of a high enough quality to warrant it’s use in other mini’s games.  The Lord of the Rings minis game would be a perfect match for example.

Game play is fairly straight-forward, using movement, wound counters, range, and attack and defense dice.  The dice are special to the game, with each six sider having 3 “skulls” for hits, two “shields” for blocks, and one blank side.  This weighs average rolls towards offense, though each figure rolls different numbers of dice on offense and defense.  All “special powers” are explicitly explained on the cards, so you need only memorize the basic rules…you don’t need to memorize how every fig works.

It’s important to note that Heroscape is packaged in “non-blind” starters and boosters, which is to say what you see is what you get.  This is more in-line with traditional miniatures lines, and goes against the newer wave of collectible CMG’s like HeroClix, Star Wars Minis, et. al.  Whether this is a plus or minus is debatable, and I leave that up to you.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about Marvel HeroScape.  Hasbro is wasting no time incorporating the Marvel license into it’s product lines.  We already knew that Attacktix was on the horizon…and now we know that Marvel Heroscape is on it’s way as well.

This version of the game claims to be semi-compatible with the fantasy releases, which is usually code for “the rules are basically the same, but the units aren’t balanced against each other”.  This will be an interesting test for the market, as this game will go head to head with the well established HeroClix line, as well as the relative newcomer Marvel BattleDice.

VERDICT:HeroScape is a solid, affordable minis game that crosses genres seamlessly and has stellar accessories.

The Best: Lego style terrain…good for almost any game.

The Worst: Many figures look ALMOST like licensed figures…at least until Marvel comes out.

Publisher: Hasbro

Release Date: In stores now, Castle expansion due this month, Marvel expansion due Jan 2007 



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