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Catching up… July 27, 2006

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I’ve been getting behind on my posts, a combination of having a lot going on at work and my daughter being sick all week…but enough about that…time to do some catching up.

Today we’ll cover an Attacktix tourney, SDCC reports, and “So you want to be a superhero…”…

First off, I made it down to a little spot outside of Xenia, Ohio last Saturday for my first Attacktix tourney.  Pete ran the event out of the Roberts Center, and everyone had a good time.  The 200 point format really skewed the team building, and strikers led by Ki-Adi-Mundi (Gold) took the day.  I had to work that day, so running late, I had only 100 point teams to play for fun, but I was able to play in the event…so I just mashed a jedi/clone team together with a Wookiee team and had fun with it.  A lot of good games, and some excellent coverage over on the Attacktix Boards.  (Follow the links from joeattacktix.com)

San Diego Comic Con was this past week, and as always, lots of big news.  Game wise, the two high points that I saw coverage on included Marvel Attacktix and Marvel HeroScape…a big year for Hasbro and the Marvel license coming up it looks like.  Marvel Attacktix figures look GORGEOUS and very cartoony, as they should be.  Marvel HeroScape looks like high end HeroClix figs, and new scenery which should sell the game well.

Hopefully, when the time comes, we’ll be able to get some Marvel Attacktix previews rolling through here.  🙂

Let’s see, Gen Con is in a couple of weekends, and I’ll be hitting that up for Saturday all day, and maybe Sunday.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a signal and “broadcast” from there.  I plan on tracking down Brian from Hasbro to cover Attacktix and Matt Forbeck who does Marvel Battle Dice, and get some scoops.

Caught most of “So you want to be a superhero” or whatever it’s called…Stan Lee’s new show on Sci Fi.  From what I can tell, the whole first episode AT LEAST should have been the rejects (a la American Idol), my favorite cameo was a woman who called herself “Ice B!+ch”, and her battle cry of course was FREEZE MOTHER F#%*8%@!  Genius.

Let’s see….HeroScape review is up next…hopefully we’ll crank that out this weekend with some art…see you then.



1. Christian Johnson - July 31, 2006

I think that Marvel Attactix might just be the set to push me over the edge for the line. I hadn’t purchased any of the Star Wars stuff, but comic book stuff might just push the right obsession. As to MarvelScape, I am so excited that I might just scream. Here I thought the Castle set would be the big thing I am looking forward to, now it is number 2.

As to Superhero, I am rooting for Tyvekulos or Feedback so far. But Major Victory, who is a little uninspired creation-wise, seems to really understand what is going on. He was “in character” the whole time and looking for opportunities to excel. How any of the heroes could have missed the radio mike transmitter on the girl’s back, I don’t know, but they did.

2. Manchine - February 27, 2007

So are you are working on Marvel Heroscape. Which I am EAGERLY awaiting also. Since it was suppose to be put out in January and it got pushed back.

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