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Marvel HeroClix: Sinister – Review July 18, 2006

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Now that I’m back from vacation and Attacktix previews are done for now, it’s time to get caught up on some of my regular game reviews.

We’ll start off today with a brief review of the newest HeroClix set…Marvel Sinister.

Much like Collateral Damage before it…Sinister gets high points for it’s current storyline relevancy, particularly by rounding out the obscure villains and Masters of Evil turned Thunderbolts figures that are playing a potentially pivotal role in the current Civil War storyline.  Characters like the Beetle/Mach I-IV, Radioactive Man and Swordsman all fit right into current stories.  (And yes, I know that it’s a different Swordsman, but it’s better than nothing.)

Another trend that continues is the use of terrain pieces on the grounded figures, which adds a little more depth to the 3-D environment.  This is a nice touch, and looks to continue.

One of the more innovative figures in the set is the Unique Stilt-Man…a “giant” figure that comes in several parts…once assembled, the obscure villain towers over standard sized figures. 

The villain theme of the set means that two teams in particular make huge strides in membership, the Masters of Evil and the Sinister Syndicate.  This tends to skew sealed events…making the SinSyn a force to be reckoned with.  Always one of my favorite team abilities, I’m happy to see them get some respect.

Special objects continue in this set.  While I’m happy to see new elements…I’m still disappointed that 3-D objects have still not caught on.  The forthcoming HorrorClix appears to have 3-D object elements…I’m curious to see whether or not this bodes well for HeroClix or not.  (As a side note, the new Danger Room set DOES include new 3-D objects…so yay for that.)

Finally…there is the 9/17 issue.  This set comes from a new designer, and one of the hallmarks of the set is the prevalence of 9 attacks and 17 defenses.  Because of the dice math, 7 is the tipping point roll.  What this boils down to is that the average attack will miss the average defense in this set on an “average” roll or worse.  A lot has been made of this…personally I’m a fan of the 7 point split, and this shift to 8 should be interesting, especially if it continues.


Sinister fills in many of the missing villain figures from various storylines.  Figure details continue to improve, and “generic” figures are back with a vengeance with multiple Shield and Hydra variations.

Best Trait: Figure selection that seems obscure, but is actually very storyline relevant.

Worst Trait: Possible collectability issues due to “clix brick” figures and new guy night figs.

Game Title: Marvel HeroClix Sinister

Release Date: In stores now

Publisher: WizKids Games

Product Reviewed: 1 booster, spoilers

On the Web: http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/



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